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Design Flexibility

Image is everything when it comes to the exterior of your business.  You have 7 seconds to make a first impression and less for passerby's, so make the impression you want without restrictions.  We can create any look or finish with multiple arrangement possibilities that you desire at Simpson Panel, giving your business the edge and appeal it deserves.  All production is completed in our plant and the only thing we have to do on site is install.  Standing out is important and there should be no limits to getting the perfect look for your business. 


Speedy Installation

We turn weeks into days when it comes to refacing or installing new exteriors to your business.  With NO scaffolding, there is no mess and no hindering your operations during construction.  Our innovative panels are lightweight and can be easily installed. Weather is also no longer an obstacle.  We have installed our panels in all extreme weather conditions across the U.S., making the process faster and more reliable. 


Cost Effective

With our ability to create multiple finishes we can eliminate the need for multiple vendors and labor that builds up over time.  And because we use no scaffolding the sales volume of one of the jobs we did only saw a decrease of sales by 10% vs 50% with the traditional infield paneling, and was installed in half the time. Keep in mind these numbers are also based on excellent weather conditions.  The traditional method can be prolonged immensely  under adverse weather conditions like cold, wind, extreme heat, rain, or even the threat of rain. None of these will stop Simpson Panel except rain, though we are able to continue work between showers. 




Signature Ribbon

Dimensioned Exteriors

Scrap Board

Signature Plank

Custom Exteriors

Signature Smooth


Mural Frames

Signature Brick







Simpson panel system was created in 1999 by Michael Chambers.  Michael put his 26 years of experience in the traditional EIFS industry to test when he decided to create a panel system that would replace the typical EIFS and Stucco system.  The creation of this product centers on the idea of saving down-time and money when performing an exterior remodel of a fast food restaurant, as well as other commercial and residential buildings.

Our team has completed the re-image of over 260 YUM! Brand locations across the nation. Simpson Panel has been installed in locations in Hawaii for Kazi Foods, Maine for Conifer Industries, Florida for Charles Nailen, MS & LA for West Quality Foods, and North Dakota for Ron Colter.




For any inquiries, questions please call 205-904-2801 or fill out the following form.

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