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Our History

The Simpson panel system was created in 1999 by Michael Chambers.  Michael put his 26 years of experience in the traditional EIFS industry to test when he decided to create a panel system that would replace the typical EIFS and Stucco system.  The creation of this product centers on the idea of saving down-time and money when performing an exterior remodel of a fast food restaurant, as well as other commercial and residential buildings.

Our team has completed the re-image of over 260 YUM! Brand locations across the nation. Simpson Panel has been installed in locations in Hawaii for Kazi Foods, Maine for Conifer Industries, Florida for Charles Nailen, MS & LA for West Quality Foods, and North Dakota for Ron Colter.

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Why Simpson Panel?

Simpson Panel gives any client the ability to re-brand or refurbish an existing location without shutting down or even closing an entrance. It is so light minor hoisting is needed and this allows your revenue to keep flowing! Since all finishes are on one panel, there is no need for multiple subcontractor to be on your job. This saves you time and multiple calls, as well as down time between trades. The panel is so versatile BUT it can also be altered on site if a building is slightly out of square or if an opening is just not quite right. THIS PANEL PUTS YOU IN CONTROL OF YOUR SCHEDULE AND BUDGET!

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