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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Simpson Panel on floors?

    • Answer: No. It has only been tested for vertical walls.

  • Is the Signature Panel waterproof?

    • Answer: The board is waterproof, but the system is a rain screen system and is designed to drain water from behind at the bottom.

  • Can I use the Simpson panel inside My house?

    • Answer: No. It has only been tested for exterior vertical use.

  • Can I use the Signature Panel as roofing material

    • Answer: No. It has only been tested for exterior vertical use.

  • How much does the signature panel weight

    • Answer: 1.5 pounds per square foot!

  • Where can I buy the Simpson Panel?

    • Answer: Direct from Michael Chambers (256-653-9439) or from our Website. Custom buildings can be arranged through Michael as well. 

  • Can I use the signature panel below grade?

    • Answer: Yes.

  • How many square feet does one panel cover?

    • Answer: Standard panels are 4’x10’, but we build the panels to go from ground to roof on one story buildings or floor line on taller buildings. We can go as high as 50’ and as wide as 9’.

  • Is the Signature Panel fire resistant?

    • Answer: It is currency being tested for ASTM E 284 and surface burn.

  • Is the Signature Panel soundproof?

    • Answer: It has not been tested for an NRC value but given that is has a ¾” air gap, it does help reduce sound.

  • What R Rating does the Signature Panel have?

    • Answer: R3.5

Warranty Center Information

Each product and finish receive different warranties and duration. Call for a specific product. Typical warranty is a 10 year.


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